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Go Green Bangkok Bike & Cooking Class Combo

Bike and Thai cooking class combo! We at Go Bangkok Bicycle Tours welcome you to our world. We are delighted to introduce to you our innovative ‘Go Green’ – Bangkok Bike and Cooking Combo Tour designed to provide you the... View Article

Go Blue Bangkok Bike & Boat Combo

Bicycle tours are basically a great way for travelers or even locals in Bangkok to get around the city, while exercising at the same time. There are a few questions most people would ask like why take a bicycle tour... View Article

Cycling during rainy season in Bangkok

Cycling while raining in Bangkok? Is that doable? It’s one of the most asked questions from customers and will explain a bit more about the situations we face while cycling in Bangkok during the rainy season in Bangkok. The rainy... View Article

Free drinks at TEP BAR Bangkok

Thai Booze, Thai Medicinal Shots, Thai 'Xylophone ROCK' Band & Thai steak has officially made Tep Bar a first for Bangkok!. There is simply nothing else around that comes even close to it. It's a first!

Health benefits of cycling in Bangkok

The Health Benefits of a Cycling Tour in Bangkok! You need to be physically active to get strong and healthy. You can be protected from serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mental illness, arthritis, and cancer when you engage... View Article

‘Bangkok Story’ Hostel

Guest from all over that world that book tours with us ask: “Where in Bangkok should we stay when looking for a clean and central located Hostel with superb Hosts and Crew?” We recommend a few selected ones and ‘Bangkok... View Article


Go Bangkok Bicycle Tours EARNS 2016 TRIPADVISOR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE  Bangkok, Thailand – 26, May, 2016 – Go Bangkok Bicycle Tours announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in its sixth year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses... View Article

Renting a bicycle in Bangkok

Renting a bicycle in Bangkok. Picking up a bike to be used for your daily commute while in Bangkok for business or pleasure can be much easier than thought. Bangkok is a cycle friendly city for those who wish to... View Article

Alcohol sale time restrictions Thailand

Guide to restrictions on alcohol sales times in Thailand “Go” With Beer!   Most tourists coming to Thailand want to let their hair down a little and enjoy a few tasty beers or other alcoholic beverages – and we fully... View Article

Free USB stick with guided bike tours.

Go USB! Get a Free USB stick with guided tours! At Go Bangkok Tours we value new and exhilarating experiences above all else, exactly the kind of thrills and excitement that all our travellers witness on expertly crafted tours! We... View Article

Doing a bicycle tour with kids in Bangkok.

Cycling in Bangkok with kids Bicycle tours are an excellent way for your family to explore Bangkok. You get a feel for a new territory, the smells & sights, culture, history and the locals. Those are not possible from a... View Article

Hotel, Guesthouse or Apartment in Bangkok?

Looking for a Hotel, Guesthouse/ Hostel or Apartment in Bangkok? Bangkok has an abundance of Hotels, Guesthouses or Apartments on offer for short term stay available during your Holiday but is it always worth the price that you pay for... View Article