Experience the rich and detailed history of Asia by taking the lead with our unique Go Guidepad™ and guiding your tour group through Bangkok’s historic and culturally rich Chinatown. Witness the fantastic atmosphere and traditions while taking in all the views, sounds and smells that this part of the city has to offer.

In Chinese culture Red is a symbol of good luck and you’ll definitely believe that you’ve been lucky to steer your tour group through an exploration of the vibrant yet spiritual Bangkok Chinatown.

Experience the spooky evening atmosphere while exploring the spiritual and sometimes ghostly streets around the magnificent city of Bangkok, using our Go Guidepad™. When the sun goes down Bangkok’s ancient culture changes with the small alleys and streets transforming into eerie, quiet and sometimes spooky places.

At around 5.00p.m gather your tour group to head out into this ancient Asian city on our Go Black Guidepad™ Tour and experience Bangkok as few have ever seen, heard or smelled it before! Prepare yourself to be amazed as the city transforms into a spiritual and ghoulish place, with dark streets and temples at every step.

Explore the amazing golden temples of Bangkok that all work together to create Thailand’s rich and exciting customs, traditions and culture. Take the lead role with our Go Guidepad™ and lead your tour group on a journey around this brilliantly colourful and vibrant city to witness all the sights, noises and odours that are on offer.

Used in Thai culture since ancient times, gold symbolises wealth and has always been used in the creation of temples, shrines and Buddha statues old and new. On this astonishing tour you’ll experience a wealth of golden temples and breathtaking culture while guiding yourself and your tour through the lively city of Bangkok.